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Do you realize that you need to shake things up in your business, but you feel unsure of what to do or where to start? Would you love to have someone on the ground, on your team, to help you get your yoga studio amped up again?

With the Studio Overhaul, the Nomads come to your studio. We will use our expertise to give you a fresh and honest perspective of what needs to be done to completely optimize your business from the inside out, and help you implement it now! If your business is on the ropes, has lost its original lustre, or you're simply ready to maximize the output of your business, this one-on-one, on the ground coaching program will give you the immediate and ongoing success you deserve!

By enrolling in this course you will receive:

  • The Foundation online course
  • Personalization and expansion of all concepts covered in The Foundation online course
  • One-on-one coaching with Josh at your studio for 4 weeks of intensive training, planning, implementing, and optimizing
  • Step-by-step staff training, online and social media optimization, a personalized one year marketing plan, and all back end set up
  • Coaching, feedback, and input from Jenna
  • Necessary phone sessions prior to The Overhaul
  • Follow up phone sessions after The Overhaul
  • Three months of review and recommendations on your Key Product Indicators reporting

Prerequisites for this program:

  • Completion of The Foundation online course
  • A marketing budget
  • A willingness to be awesome!

"We were evolving but wrongfully as the studio took on some heavy black clouds that blinded all of us to the real problems we faced. Josh not only saw but had a solution that was immediate, simple to institute and communicated easily. There is a gift with Josh. He is so capable of getting everyone engaged in a way that they WANT to do it. He is smart, sharp and confrontive but isn’t threatening or intimidating – he really wants you to learn and know it and will be there with you 24/7 until you do! Josh walks the talk. He has great experience but what makes him so appealing is his willingness to get his hands dirty too. With Josh, I not only come away with a better idea but I get the confidence too that it works cause we’ve applied it several times building a routine with the repetition. He can walk away and I still can trust it is getting done right. I could go on and on. Jump on it when you get a chance to use Josh – if you are like me, you’ll come out from under and rekindle why you started what you did in the first place!

Your Instructor

Josh Biro
Josh Biro

I'm Josh, the Nomad Business Coach! I draw from over a decade of experience operating yoga and wellness businesses. I built, owned and operated a successful yoga studio with my wife and worked one-on-one with industry professionals, Mindbody certified consultants, and completed Mindbody University to grow my business. I am a Mindbody official partner and certified consultant. After five years, I sold my studio for healthy profit to travel full time with my family. While teaching and business coaching at studios across North America, I've experienced first hand the common difficulties that yoga studios face and the solutions that really work! Once you integrate these easy and proven techniques, you will join the countless other studios I've worked with and empower yourself to be at the forefront of this changing industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Studio Overhaul different from The Foundation online course?
The Foundation online course is a step-by-step guide to the current best practices for yoga studios. You can learn tools from these videos and implement them at your business at your own pace. The Studio Overhaul is a one-on-one intensive, in which Josh spends 30 days at your studio. During this time he will work with you side by side, day by day, and go through every aspect of your business with a fine toothed comb. Each part of your studio will be expertly dissected, analyzed, and revamped. Most importantly, Josh will not only help you create an overall strategy and systems for more success in your business, he will be there to help you implement it -- from setting up your software, to creating a marketing plan, to training your staff -- every step of the way.
When does the course start and finish?
Shortly after registering you will receive an email with details on how to schedule your initial phone calls and select your dates for The Studio Overhaul. Please note that completion of The Foundation online course is a prerequisite to schedule The Studio Overhaul.
What if I'm unhappy with the course?
With The Studio Overhaul, Josh will work with you one-on-one to set up your studio for immediate and ongoing success. Over his 4 week visit at your business, he will help you to implement all of the concepts covered in The Foundation Online Course and more. Included in The Overhaul, are three follow up phone calls with Josh once the visit is complete. More follow up sessions may be scheduled if you would like additional support. By signing up for The Studio Overhaul, you are demonstrating a huge level of commitment to your yoga studio, and we are committed to the ongoing success of the this industry! We will continue to help your studio succeed in any way we can even after The Studio Overhaul is complete!
What if I change my mind?
Requests to cancel must be received prior to scheduling visit dates to qualify for a full refund. Requests for schedule changes may be made in writing 30 days prior to the scheduled arrival date. Due to the large time commitment of this program, only partial refunds will be given after studio visit dates have been set.

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