Negative online reviews about your yoga studio are like anti-unicorns. They suck.

But one of may favourite quotes is "if no one is complaining about you, you're not marketing hard enough" highlights a unique perspective.

To stand out from the crowd you have to try to position your yoga business in the "prolific zone".

This zone is just enough outside of the mainstream to be differentiable by something other than price.

But the risk of this zone is that it's slightly more likely that someone won't jive with your program.

In a worst case scenario they give you a negative online review. This could therefore be a sign that you're actually doing something right (?)

Now in this scenario I assuming the negative review is mostly unwarranted.

On the other hand when your wellness business does inevitably receive that dreaded 1 star you better self audit and be sure that it isn't just because you straight up messed up.

If you and your team did mess up - fix it!

Make sure it's a future impossibility.

Even if it was an honest mistake, how is it possible that the client was so pissed they decided to spend their valuable time to negatively review you? Could this have been avoided?

But what can you do when you get a poor review?

First address the situation quickly. Call the reviewer. Email. Ride your bike to their house. Whatever it takes.

Second offer them an apology, take responsibility, show real remorse for the situation (even if they should be doing the same and are not).

Third go over the top with something to make it up to them, give a free month, a refund, heck even an ice cream. In the long term this doesn't really cost you anything.

Forth get online and respond promptly, nicely, and appropriately. Be sure to include a mention that you've reached out and offered something awesome.

And finally damage control. Call in some favours from your staff, friends, family, regular members who haven't reviewed your business and ask them to do so asap. This will help to push down the negative review so it doesn't show up first in a search, keep the balance of positive to negative on the pos side, and keeps your most recent reviews be great (this matters).

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